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Sam Octigan and Michael DanischewskiArt

The PM will be joined by Sam Octigan and Michael Danischewski, two members of the Six Fifteen creative collective. The two well-known artists will represent the rest of their collaborative artistic collective by exhibiting here with us. Multi dimensional artist-illustrator Sam Octigan creates lifelike portraits and warped, futuristic images using watercolour, grey lead and a skilful hand. As a member Six Fifteen and represented by Just creative Another Agency, he’s exhibited widely in solo exhibitions, events and collaborations with other artists, brands and agencies. He’ll be joined by Michael Danischewski, staff photographer at Acclaim Magazine and videographer. His editorially focused images display a photojournalistic perspective on his artistic subjects. He snaps artists, models, artworks and clothing and we’re super excited to see the results of this meeting of minds.

Sam Octigan by Michael Danischewski (Photoception).

Photo by Michael Danischewski, illustration by Sam Octigan.

See more of their work on Sam Octigan and Michael Danischewski‘s websites. See work from the Six Fifteen collective here.

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