Charm your customers with café blinds

Charm your customers with café blinds

For a restaurant, cafe or bistro, the most important thing to do is to attract customers. Customers often choose to enter a restaurant after taking in the outward appearance and ambience. Well-chosen café blinds are the best way of getting passing customers to take another look. Here is why you should choose outdoor blinds for your business:


Most chain restaurants or fast food places rely on creating memorable decorative elements. A familiar colour scheme, decorating style, signs and logos etc. help customers identify a favourite place from afar. When you are a small business struggling to compete with the big chains, café blinds offer the ideal opportunity at a relatively low cost. These blinds can be personalised in your choice of colours. Casashade, a small Sydney outdoor blind company says Logos and business names may also be incorporated into the design for visual identification, even from a distance.


Atmosphere is something which most patrons look for in a coffee shop or small restaurant. A well-designed outdoor seating area with tasteful blinds adds to the décor. If your place is small, outdoor seating can help to accommodate more customers and make your business look larger than it actually is. This is a principle used by businessmen from the time of false shopfronts and windows.

Café blinds are available in your choice of colours, styles and designs which can be used to complement and enhance your décor. From relatively cheaper fabric or PVC blinds to more expensive timber blinds, the final choice can be according to your requirements and taste. Choosing a style and colour which emphasises your individuality and allow you to stand out from the neighbouring shops will help you to attract more customers.


Harsh summers, strong winds and cold rainy winters are the norm in Australia. Some sort of shade is definitely a requirement for any outdoor seating. Café blinds combine style with functionality by offering adequate privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain and dust.

  • Sudden, unpredictable weather change and rainfall can leave a café struggling to accommodate its patrons. With blinds, all you have to do is to roll down the shades and continue business as usual.
  • If your outdoor seating is next to the footpath, bus stop or busy roads, having a visible barrier is always a good idea to prevent casual theft or misuse of furniture.
  • Retractable blinds offer you to control the amount of sunlight let in. Roll them down to avoid the harmful UV rays of the summer sun and roll them up on cool breezy evenings to maximise the effect.
  • Tinted PVC shades help to reduce the UV rays while not completely blocking out the light and view. They also offer an adequate amount of dust protection – a requirement with roadside bistros.
  • Timber blinds might be a more costly option, but they definitely make your business stand out and raise its appeal.


For a visually appealing style which offers functional advantages, choose professionally installed blinds. Whether your décor is contemporary or classic, you will find blinds which suit you.

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