PM Workshops

That’s right guys, each Wednesday we will be running different workshops to stimulate your brains, broaden your horizons, and make life a little more fun.

Laneway Learning proudly presents:

March Workshops at The PM!

The PM are doing workshops, because you can never offer the people too much! Every Wednesday we will bring unique experiences to our Collingwood home.

Check out March’s offerings as orchestrated by Laneway Learning below. If you have any questions please visit:

March 6th – Hoop Dancing, Juggling and Bike Maintenance
March 13th – Furniture Restoration, The Thriller Dance Routine and HDR Photography
March 20th – Japanese Kokedama, Ukuleles and Book Clubs
March 27th – Braiding, Grant Morrison (the comic writer), John Hughes Movies, and Basic Chess Strategy
There are more details about all these classes online:
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