In case you’ve missed it, take a look at the People’s Market in the media.

The Weekly Review – A Recycling Trend out of the Box
There’s a whole new world out there for shipping containers.

City of Melbourne – Shipping Containers & Hidden Treasures at The Docklands

Beat – People’s Market Live Shows Announced

Docklands News – A Scramble for Market
Docklands’ latest attraction, the People’s Market, was put together in just four days before opening to welcome 3000 people on March 10. In what resembled a military operation, brother and sister Stephen and Niki Filipovic and their team worked day and night in preparation for the opening…

The City Weekly – How Bazaar
Docklands isn’t exactly renowned as a hub of community spirit and hipster culture, but brother and sister duo Stephen and Niki Filipovic aim to change all that. Rocking the laneway vibe of bars like Section 8 and the sadly departed St Jerome’s, the Melbourne Flea is a new weekly market at the far side of Docklands, in the shadow of the Bolte Bridge…

Red Magazine – Hocking Stuart
In the spirit of the pop-up but with a little more permanency comes the recently harvested Melbourne Flea…

Everguide – Melbourne Flea: The People’s Market
Have you noticed lately that you spend almost as much time sitting in traffic on a Saturday afternoon as you do in peak hour on a Monday morning? We’re pretty sure the once pleasant shopping dash between the Vic Market and Savers on Sydney Road has actually become a weekend worst nightmare…

Clubsguide – Melbourne Flea to Open March 10th
On the 10th of March brother and sister Niki and Stephen Filipovic’s dream of transforming the currently unused parking lot at the very edge of the Docklands, almost under the Bolte Bridge, into an open air market destination will become a reality when the Melbourne Flea opens at 9am sharp…

Timeout – It’s official: Melbourne now has everything
Notably absent around these parts for far too long, Melbourne finally has its very own flea market. The Melbourne Flea will fill the Docklands car-park with a sea of stalls selling vintage and pre-loved wares in refurbed shipping containers brought in especially for the occasion…

Melbourne Flea and Farmer’s Market @ Docklands
The Docklands precinct is about to become host to a new market concept. Part flea market, part farmers fair, and part hawker market, the weekly Melbourne Flea is launching on Saturday March 10 with a mission to bring a dynamic and hip community feel to Docklands.

Docklands News – A new market force for Docklands
There’s nothing here now but if siblings Stephen and Niki Filipovic fulfil their dream, this is the site for a dynamic and chic Saturday market…

Brimbank Weekly- Siblings chase market dream
NORTH-WEST siblings Stephen and Niki Filipovic are combining their talents to realise their dreams…


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