General FAQs

What is The People’s Market? 
The People’s Market is a summertime “everything goes” experience. A blend of entertainment, retail, food, booze, workshops, yoga, art, music, and market = everything goes.

Where is The People’s Market?
64-68 Stanley St. The site is an open lot between Smith and Wellington Street. See our map here.

When are you open?
Thursday – Sunday, all day and night, and Wednesdays 5pm – 10pm.
Wednesdays we will be hosting workshops in addition to the bar, art & food offerings. Please visit our events section for more information.
The PM is a summertime event only – December 1 – April 28.

Is this a permanent location?
Our Collingwood site is December 1 – April 28 only! From there we pack up the containers and move to Brisbane and then Sydney. For more info on those projects, keep an eye out on our site.

What are included in your facilities?
Our facilities include: Toilets, eftpos at the bar, and disabled access. Children and dogs on leads are permitted. ATMS are not available on site. We also provide a fabulous array of visual entertainment, retail, food, art, music and workshops.

Is drinking permitted on site?
Our People’s Bar will be pumping out amazing alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Our focus is to let the people drink and be merry. We have incredible alcohol sponsors Old Mout Cider and Thunder Road Brewing, and we will be designing drinks to match our food vendors! We will also have delicious frozen desserts (boozy and non) made especially for us and available at the bar. Our entire site is drinking permitted for 18 and over. We will have 24/7 security and staffing to monitor safety and underagers.

I heard there’s art, is that true?
Right when you enter the PM site, you’re confronted with 4 incredible gallery spaces we proudly call COMA, Containers of Modern Art. Our art schedule is on a monthly rotation and will always feature 4 artists. We will also have 1st Thursday art openings including a provision of free booze at 7pm until it runs out. Additionally, one of our featured COMA artists will be live painting our alley behind our retail containers every month.

What about food? Are the same food vendors in December – April?
Like everything in the space, we must offer the people variety and we will never double up. Our food schedule is diverse and vast and features an array of options from fusion lettuce cups to meatballs and vegan soul food. Please visit our food section for featured chefs, cuisine and menus.

Who can attend the People’s Market?
Anyone can attend the markets, and they are free entry to the public. Children are permitted, as are pets on leash.


There are toilet facilities on site.


There are no ATMs on site, however there is cash out at the bar via Eftpos. There are also major bank locations just up Stanley St on Smith St – Bank of Melbourne, Commonwealth, ANZ, etc.

Disabled Access?

The site is fully disabled accessible.


Vendor FAQ

Market, Music, Art, Retail and Food Vendor Specific Inquiries

Who can apply for the PM?
The PM is open to all unique, bespoke, exciting and amazing offerings for food, retail, music, art and markets. There is no age limit and we base our decision of high quality product, uniqueness and creativity. Please feel free to email us if you have any more specific questions. Apply here.

How do I apply for the PM?
Links to our application forms are available on our website here, you need to fill out all fields on the application with a minimum of 3 x images, a logo and a bio of your business.

When can I apply for the PM?

How long does the application process take and when will I find out?
We generally try and respond immediately, please have patience. Due to the high volume of applications and minimal number of stalls/spaces we offer, we will physically assign you a stall due to relevance and availability.

As a retailer or market vendor, can I share a stall with another applicant?
Yes you may share a stall but this must be stated on your application form when applying. We only accept one application per stall so details of all potential applicants needs to be together on the one form. Please consider the appropriate match that your shared stall may have as we review each stall case by case.

Can we apply as a collective or group?
Yes you may apply as a collective or group, there must be one application form with all the details of the product you intend to sell. There also must be one point of contact for all correspondence.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance?As a market vendor and retailer Public Liabilty is compulsory. This however is not the responsibilty of The People’s Market. For artists exhibiting in COMA, you are not required, though it is highly recommended. For food vendors, we do require a Certificate of Registration and a Statement of Trade.

Do I need EFT/Credit Card facilities?
We strongly recommend you organise this through your bank before the markets as our venue does not have ATM’s onsite, so this will be most beneficial to your trading. We do offer cash out at the bar via Eftpos. And there are major bank branches up the street on Smith – Bank of Melbourne, Commonwealth, ANZ, etc.

Do I need an ABN?
You do not need and ABN to be a stallholder, but we do recommend you gain an ABN for business reasons.

Is their power available?
Power is available – please clearly state on your application form if you need it for stall display. For Food Vendors, there is electricity, gas, and running water provided. For COMA artists, there is electricity.

What options do I have with signage and hanging work?
For market vendors, there are no walls including in your stall. You will have to arrange your own freestanding walls or easels if you need to display artwork or signage – this is subject to our approval. For Retail and Food containers and, you may alter the structure with hangings, signage and painting as long as it has been pre approved by The PM and is returned to its original state upon bump out.

I was a stallholder in the last PM can I apply again?
Participation in previous PM events does not guarantee second time selection. You are most welcome to re-apply, keeping in mind we like to keep our markets fresh and new every time and offer our customers a unique and new experience.

What next?
If successful, you will be sent an acceptance email with further details and information. Once payment is made in full, your participation is confirmed.


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