Our History

In March 2012, the People’s Market operated as a temporary project in the Docklands, named ‘The Melbourne Flea.’ Attracting thousands of patrons to the Saturday-Sunday venture, the project concentrated on a more flea/market atmosphere. The Melbourne Flea was a product of the People’s Market, a company dedicated to introducing unique & quality markets across Australia. The People’s Market wanted to create a space for the Melbourne Flea that went beyond a customer’s usual experience – a sensorial hub that left nothing to the imagination. The intention was to cater for a wide range of consumers – people trying to save money and be cost effective; people who are looking to explore the quirks of the vintage or second hand world, or people who are looking for a cultural food experience not typical of Melbourne. Successfully, consumers fell in love with the smells, tastes & sounds that make up the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a market.

Summer 2012 – 2013 The People’s Market, the PM, introduced a rectangular revolution, utilising shipping containers to create a unique experience in Collingwood. A hive of activity, The PM allows the local community to discover and access a melting pot of cultural delights typical of Melbourne. Converting a parking lot on Stanley Street into an open-air hawker food market, offering non pretentious food with an international accent and a plethora of visual and physical stimulae. Movida Bakery, The Woods of Windsor, Wonder Bao, Old Mout Cider, Beko, Red Bull, Sailor Jerry’s, Time Out Magazine, Acclaim, and Monster Children are a short list of the many people involved with making the PM such a huge success last season.

Through the Winter of 2013, The People’s Market reinvented themselves in West Melbourne. They introduced a series of events called the People’s West, in yet another unique warehouse setting. These were music focused events with a dynamic food offering that catered to the cooler winter months. We were also a partner for the 2014 Melbourne Music Week, setting up the main hub for the festival, and curating the entire food and beverage program.

The People’s Market will be back at it’s new home in St Kilda for the 2014/2015 Summer installation. Expect to see some winter pop up sessions that focus on blending entertainment, retail, food, booze, workshops, yoga, art, music, and market to perfect the Melbourne Scene.

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Whilst operating, Food is the focus of the PM but we do run a side market on each Saturday of the month. Offering 30 stalls, here you will find sellers of vintage, jewellery, toy dinosaur cactus plants (fo’ real), & a whole bunch of artsy, hand-made goodies. We like to keep this changing from week to week with specific themes. You can keep up to date with this through our Market page & events calendar. We do have a three retail containers that operate daily. These guys are unique, usually local, and all round nice folk, wanting to have pop-up shop spaces, to promote and sell new products in a unique setting, or magazines bringing their issue pages to life.

Containers of Modern Art, also features at the PM. Each month we have new, local artists exhibiting their works at COMA. Containers are brought to life with collective groups & individuals displaying (and selling) illustrations, sculptures, paintings, sketches, photography – the list goes on.


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