• Warehouse Cinema x PM

    The People’s Market are proud to support Warehouse Cinema, launching June 2014. At its core, Warehouse Cinema is a celebration of grassroots filmmaking. Designed to bring both filmmakers and audiences together in an unconventional (yet inviting!) warehouse setting. Our intention is to open up the communication channels between these groups and encourage future creative works....

  • Until Next Year..

    The People’s Market, as you know it, will not be making its return until the Summer of 2014/2015. After a few setbacks we did not want to make any compromises on what we bring to all of our fans. Sorry for the delay, and for any disappointment, but we will be back in St Kilda,...

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    Try This at Home, Kids It’s our philosophy and we want to share it with you. The PM invites you to make everyday a lemonade one. Reminder, there’s no sour days when you’re at The PM.

Welcome to The People’s Market

Hello friend! As typically Melbournians ourselves, we noticed that we spent half our weekends stuck in traffic, and the other half… well, stuck in traffic as well, and we were lucky if we could make it to one market, let alone an art exhibition, pop-up shop, or better yet, a nosh at any one of the City’s top eateries. So we decided to put together what we thought are the best bits of Markets & Melbourne- amazing food, incredible street art, music and etertainment, themed markets, and quirky & locally sourced retail.. the list goes on.

We did it for us, for you, for everybody. So at the moment we are collating all of our participants. Some that you might love, some that you have never seen & some that you may even find a little too quirky. It’s the only place in Melbourne where everything goes! We ran a successful program in Collingwood for the summer of 2013 & 2014, and now we’re back doing a series of winter pop-up events in West Melbourne. We are still a few months away form opening our next summer space, but until then, check back as we will be announcing some really awesome stallholders, pretty darn good chefs and maybe a few surprises. Until then stay peachy!

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